PrefabNZ SNUG Competition

College Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Pī Honi is Makers of Architecture’s response to SNUG - a PrefabNZ design competition sparked by NZ’s current housing crisis. The competition promotes the generation of prefabricated, quality housing options, supporting the development of cost effective smaller homes. 

Pī Honi has been designed to promote wellbeing, growth, flexibility, resilience and sustainable development, while also exploring the option for higher density prefabricated models.

Pī Honi is adaptable, allowing for a level of client and context specific personalisation, such as interior layout, materials and finishes. This home may also double as a workplace, home office, rental accommodation or studio as its interior partitions are adaptable for spatial resilience, flexibility and change of use.

Area: 47m² or 63m²  |  Type: Residential, Competition
Year: 2018

Area: 80m²  |  Type: Residential, New Build
Timeline: 2013–2014  | 
Construction: Makers Fabrication

Area: 160m²  |  Timeline: 2018

Type: Retail  |  Fit-out: Makers Fabrication


PrefabNZ SNUG: A Home in My Backyard 2018
Competition Finalists


Generous openings and floor to ceiling glazing generates a seamless flow, extending the living spaces, while covered outdoor decking and screens provide shading, shelter and storage. The unique kink in the floor plan allows the living space to open up and engage with the exterior directly. Integrated storage/joinery units act as space partitions, concealing doors and allowing the space to feel fluid & generous while still providing separation where required.

Sustainable and efficient practices are integrated into the design logic of Pī Honi, from material optimisation for cladding and linings to reduce off-cut waste, to supporting solar PV’s, water collection and high insulation values. Pī Honi also adheres to a variety of Lifemark Standards providing practical, safe & efficient spatial use, supporting accessibility and demographic diversity.


Visuals by Makers