We believe design is a recursive process, where prototyping and testing is an integral condition in developing cohesive design and building outcomes. With this approach and method of working Makers Fabrication aims to act as a collaborative facilitator, bringing together designers, architects and clients, basically anyone who is looking to make, test, develop or build.The Makers Fabrication Workshop allows for flexible prefabricated systems to be manufactured and further developed ensuring all components are assembled in a protected and controlled environment before being shipped to site for assembly. This adds quality assurance to the process and outcome.

Makers Fabrication has been set up to service the architecture, design and building industry, specialising in digital fabrication and assembly. We have a large accessible and flexible workshop with CNC machinery for precision manufacturing. This workshop space is run and serviced by a diverse team consisting of skilled designers, builders, a project engineer and expert CAD CAM operators.

We are continually developing technological processes that enable efficient design, digital outputs and management of the building and making process.

  • Learn more about Makers Fabrication by visiting their website: makersfabrication.co.nz