On The Rise: Beth Cameron

The ArchitectureNow On The Rise series, supported by Resene, focuses on up-and-coming young designers and architects from across New Zealand. For the fifth interview in the series, we talk to designer Beth Cameron, co-director at Makers of Architecture and Makers Fabrication in Wellington.

You can read the full article here: http://architecturenow.co.nz/articles/on-the-rise-beth-cameron

Words Amelia Melbourne-Hayward
Image: Jason Mann


ArchitectureNow – The Act of Making

Amelia Melbourne-Hayward speaks with the Wellington-based team behind Makers of Architecture and Makers Fabrication about the ever-evolving digital design space, prefabrication in New Zealand and how architectural design can – and should – enhance people’s lives.

You can read the full article here: architecturenow.co.nz/articles/the-act-of-making-makers-of-architecture



RNZ – Kathy Waghorn: Future Islands at Venice

by Radio New Zealand National | Kim Hill

Kim Hill talks to the co-director of Future Islands, the New Zealand exhibition at Biennale Architettura 2016 in Venice, the most influential architectural event in the world.

Makers of Architecture | Audio Section: 08:49 - 09:46 min
Interview Posted: 28 May 2016

Learn More: venice.nzia.co.nz

Listen to the full interview: > www.radionz.co.nz/national


Home Style Green – What’s the future of Prefab?

155: Cassettes & CNC Machines. What's the future of Prefab?

by Home Style Green | Matthew Cutler-Welsh

Makers of Architecture | Podcast Section: 21:23 - 23:25min
Posted: April 2016

It’s tempting to say that Prefab’s time has come, but I don’t think this does justice to prefabricated building. As Pamela Bell has explained previously on the Home Style Green Podcast, Prefab is not new. But the enthusiasm shown during this week’s PrefabNZ CoLab event here in Auckland suggest that prefab will play an increasingly important role in the delivery of buildings.

Some would even go so far as to say, there’s a revolution about to happen!

Here are some of my highlights from a well attended and inspiring conference.

Listen to the full podcast:

> homestylegreen.com

> poddirectory.com

> stitcher.com


Makers Fabrication

We believe design is a recursive process, where prototyping and testing is an integral condition in developing cohesive design and building outcomes. With this approach and method of working Makers Fabrication aims to act as a collaborative facilitator, bringing together designers, architects and clients, basically anyone who is looking to make, test, develop or build.The Makers Fabrication Workshop allows for flexible prefabricated systems to be manufactured and further developed ensuring all components are assembled in a protected and controlled environment before being shipped to site for assembly. This adds quality assurance to the process and outcome.

Makers Fabrication has been set up to service the architecture, design and building industry, specialising in digital fabrication and assembly. We have a large accessible and flexible workshop with CNC machinery for precision manufacturing. This workshop space is run and serviced by a diverse team consisting of skilled designers, builders, a project engineer and expert CAD CAM operators.

We are continually developing technological processes that enable efficient design, digital outputs and management of the building and making process.
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