The humble 65 square metre Warrander Studio is the first of a new innovative building typology. It is not only New Zealand’s first full CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) house, but the entire building has been digitally designed and fabricated using BIM (Building Information Modelling) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technologies. Remarkably the studio structure was constructed in 3 days due to the precision manufactured CLT panels being systematically lifted into place. The CLT structure was then clad with a new plywood based cassette system developed by Makers of Architecture. The accuracies of this system enable precise building costing/pricing (due to BIM data outputs), while minimising material waste through digital optimisation.

Flexibility is a fundamental sustainable attribute that has been integrated within the design logic. It’s important that the design systems accommodate not only the client’s current requirements but also the opportunity for future change. Using screw fixings in conjunction with the frictional jointing methods for the assembly of the cassette’s and CLT panels provides a fully flexible design system meaning that it can easily be; unclipped, disassembled, altered, added to, moved, reconstructed or recycled if need be.
The Studio functions as a transitional home for Brenda and Mike Warrander after their house experienced extensive damage in the 2011 February Earthquake. It was imperative that the building responded to the client’s brief consisting of: sustainably sourced materials, chemical free interior surfaces, seismically sound, cost effective, warm and healthy, while engaging with the stunning outlook and environment beyond.

[su_quote cite=”Catherine Foster, Small House Living, pg 29, 2015″]Makers of Architecture are now engaged with building homes of this type across virtually the length and breath of the country. Such intrest shows that architecture like this – as sturdy and elegant as it is cost-efficient – is the way of the future.[/su_quote]

Despite the Studio’s small floor area, the home functions to accommodate the clients comfortably due to generous spatial characteristics including; a full sized kitchen and bathroom, floor to ceiling heights sit at 2.7m, while the open plan living, dining and kitchen area allows the ground floor space to function flexibly.

Floor Area: 65m2

Design / Build | 2013-2014

Location: Governers Bay, New Zealand

Construction: Makers Fabrication

Construction Period: 2 Months

Type: Prefabrication / CLT Construction