As the price of both building and land rises in our cities, there’s an interconnected need for density – of all types. Often, that’s taken to mean wholesale demolition. But as the examples on our next Open Home tour show, creating extra housing in existing suburbs can often be more subtle than that.‍In Island Bay, we’re visiting the home of Beth and Jae Warrander, from Makers of Architecture. Faced with a suburban section and a large brick bungalow, they demolished the house and subdivided the land in two. After designing a dwelling for the other site, they created a two-house compound for themselves – an airy, elegant one to live in, and a compact tower for rent. In all, three dwellings where there was one.

‍Across town, architect Craig Burt, of Parsonson Architects, recently finished his own new house (below), perched up a flight of stairs behind his old one – which is now a rental. With sweeping views and interlinking spaces, it turns a steep back garden into a hilltop eyrie.

‍The need for housing aside, both homes are also deeply personal and very lovely. We look forward to showing them off to you.


Beach Forest House by Makers of Architecture; Sar Street House by Craig Burt, Parsonson Architects


Island Bay and Wadestown, Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington


Saturday 4 May, 2024; sessions from 9.30am


$25 (limited numbers!) from

‍Your ticket will give you access to both houses – choose a starting time and house at checkout.

For privacy reasons, we release the addresses the day before – we'll be in touch at 3.30pm on Friday 3 May with address details.