This re-purposed shipping container was a client driven project, where the opportunity to add a third container on top of two existing containers provided the clients with a new home and lifestyle.

The new home, allows the clients to live above their Tumbleweed Tees screen printing and illustration business below.

The fit-out utilised digital CNC technologies throughout. It was designed for spatial flexibility and efficiency, for example, where the lounge and dining spaces can transform into a bedroom by simply rolling the bed out from the lounge area platform. Simplicity and ease of use is the essence to successfully living in the relatively small space. The positioning of the container in relation to the two below, allows for a generous deck space, connecting the living areas to the exterior, this was accentuated by the inclusion of an over-wall sliding window opening up the kitchen to the exterior seamlessly. The position of the cantilevered container allowed for a semi-covered car parking space below, while also expressing the structural capabilities of the container itself.

Every aspect of this fit-out has been customized and personalized by the clients, this can be seen clearly in areas such as the ceiling panels where their illustrated artworks are CNC etched into the panels, adding subtlety and detail to the space. When living in such close proximity to the interior surfaces it was important the joinery and fit out was constructed of both resilient and high quality materials, mostly consisting of European Birch plywood and NZ Radiata Pine plywood.

The container underwent the fit out in the Makers Fabrication Workshop before being transported to site and craned into position.

This new home provides the clients with an easily transportable home they can further move, adapt or add onto in the future as their needs change.

30 ft Container Small Home Fit Out

Location: Days Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Floor Area: 22m2

Built: 2015

Construction: Makers Fabrication

Construction Period: 3 Months

Type: Container