01 - Pearce Place 2015


This split level home was designed in response to the sites natural topography sloping down towards the North and West aspects of the site. Positioned to prioritise the views, sunshine and shelter from the prevailing winds, the layered roof planes sit simply in response to this landscape, tilting upward toward the East, bringing morning light into the upper bedroom, hallway, kitchen & living spaces. Extended eaves surround the home, allowing sun shading and protection in the height of summer while bi-folding door sets open up to extended deck areas while being protected by the eaves above. The eastern clearstory windows create effective natural cross ventilation adding extended height & spaciousness to the interior while maintaining privacy within the home.

A flush tiled fireplace hearth extends the width of the northern living area, seamlessly integrated within the CLT floor panels. This ceramic hearth not only provides the fireplace with a resilient surround but it also acts as a thermal mass, absorbing radiant heat energy from the natural sunlight and fire when lit.

In reference to NZ mountain huts, the southern wing has been clad in vertical corrugate for low maintenance & climatic resilience. The integrated carport doubles to accommodate firewood supplies in the winter months. Integrated storage throughout the home maintains clean lines, while being accessed from hallway circulation spaces.

The split floor levels provide an interior spatial shift, identifying the upper bedroom and bathroom areas, this establishes a sense of privacy and retreat for guests, allowing the home to accommodate with ease.

The home is constructed using CLT panels, where the use of CLT Twinskin (similar to SIP Panels) Panels were used for extended clear spans, allowing for large open spaces.

Fundamental Attributes that were integrated within the design and construction of the home:

Warm, dry, healthy, sustainably sourced materials, rapid construction time, precision construction methods.

122 square meters 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 office/bedroom, open plan kitchen, dining & living.

Location: South Island, New Zealand

Floor Area: 122m2

Built: 2015

Construction: Makers Fabrication

Type: Prefabrication / CLT Construction