The Lynds Residence is a comfortable family home situated in Queenstown, nestled beside a river terrace, it is positioned to take full advantage of the surrounding mountainous views. Moving through the spaces each window and door set brings focus to a significant mountain peak.

While the clients wanted to take advantage of the vistas and connect with their surroundings, it was important that the home provided a grounded, nurturing and healthy environment to raise their young family. The home has been designed to facilitate positive indoor and outdoor activities, especially connected to the garden and natural seasonal cycles. This is enabled by the integration of a pergola structure that spans the front of the home to support the growth of deciduous climbing plants, providing green shading in the summer, and filtered sunshine to the ground level spaces in the winter. To extend this garden connection the stepped down lounge opens out through tall bi-folding doors onto a (yet to be paved) courtyard space.

The cosy lounge setting includes a study/office nook under the stair, adding depth to the space while ensuring all space is utilized productively. Designing the laundry and storage cupboards on the ground floor to be seamlessly closed off, while also using the hallway circulation to access these facilities, reduces excessive circulation.

It was imperative the home consisted of natural healthy materials, and has the possibility of supporting future solar energy systems. The two storied design allows for heating efficiency as well as good natural air circulation, and comfort. The inclusion of NZ made & sourced woolen carpet in the upstairs bedrooms adds softness and underfoot warmth, while the CLT floors on the ground level allow for an easy to clean surface.

In the harsh Queenstown environment of freezing cold winters and hot dry summers, the home has been clad for low maintenance and longevity. The exposed Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels that form the majority of the interior surfaces act to regulate the air humidity.

The Structural CLT panels took Makers Fabrication just 3 & a half days to assemble, with the entire build being completed from start to finish in just three months. All built in storage units, wardrobes, kitchen joinery plus built in furniture was custom designed, manufactured and installed by Makers Fabrication. The CLT structure, provides a sound structural shell with the potential for future change where many of the interior partitions walls can be moved without effecting the homes structural integrity.

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms with open plan kitchen dining + stepped lounge

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Floor Area: 136m2

Design / Build | 2014-2016

Construction: Makers Fabrication

Construction Period: 3 Months

Type: Prefabrication / CLT Construction